Milk in Diabetes: Is it good for people with diabetes to sleep after drinking milk at night? Yes or No, know here

Sometimes diabetes can be hectic. Because in this disease, a person has to impose many restrictions to take care of his health and has to think many times before eating and drinking anything. However, there is a question in the minds of people suffering from diabetes, which remains constant that whether diabetics can drink milk … Read more

In view of the increasing outbreak of dengue, Deputy CM. Sony gave these orders – mobile

10/22/2021 12:22:20 PM Chandigarh/Jalandhar (Sharma, Dhawan): Deputy Chief Minister O.P. Soni has asked people to observe ‘Dry Day’ every consecutive Sunday in the state. He said that to check the growth of dengue, it is imperative that people clean all the water containers at least once a week and break the breeding cycle of the … Read more

If you are troubled by cold-cough, then take help of these 6 most effective home remedies for quick recovery

Cough and Cold Remedies: Ginger tea removes phlegm from the respiratory tract. special things Ginger tea can flush out phlegm from the respiratory tract. Cough And Cold Remedies: It is very common to have cold and cough in the changing season. These remedies can help you get rid of common cold and cough. Home Remedies … Read more

Dengue Case in Delhi: Expert said, do not be afraid of dengue, if you have fever, get treatment, but do not do this work at all.

Highlights Dengue cases are increasing continuously in Delhi for the last several days. Government claims, there is no shortage of beds in Delhi hospitals At present, there are 221 dengue patients admitted in Delhi hospitals. New Delhi: The first death this year was confirmed due to dengue on Monday. Since a month, there are more … Read more

Two new dengue patients were found, the number increased to 135

hear the news hear the news Kaithal. The number of dengue patients is increasing continuously in the district. Every day new patients are emerging at different places in the district. On Thursday also two new patients suffering from dengue were found. Now the number of dengue patients in the district has increased to 135. Although … Read more

How did the third wave of Corona averted? NITI Aayog told

India has achieved the milestone of giving 100 crore corona vaccine doses today. Amitabh Kant, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NITI Aayog said that India was able to avoid a possible third wave due to the vaccination campaign. Given the scale and size, we have achieved this in a short span of time. This is … Read more

These are the 4 herbs that will protect your children from many diseases during the cold season, know the way of consumption and tremendous benefits

Beneficial herbs for kids: Slowly the cold is knocking. This is a season in which it is necessary to take more care of the health of the children. In this season, due to the drop in temperature, there is a change in the style of living. Therefore, more care has to be taken during this … Read more

Attention! Domestic cats are spreading this dangerous disease, the threat of death shadows humans

After the corona virus, now domestic cats are going to become the enemy of humans. There is a possibility of a parasite in the wild animals living around the cities. This causes a disease called Toxoplasmosis. Domestic cats are spreading this parasite. Scientists have warned that domestic cats carry Toxoplasma gondii, the parasite of toxoplasmosis. … Read more