Dengue Case in Delhi: Expert said, do not be afraid of dengue, if you have fever, get treatment, but do not do this work at all.


  • Dengue cases are increasing continuously in Delhi for the last several days.
  • Government claims, there is no shortage of beds in Delhi hospitals
  • At present, there are 221 dengue patients admitted in Delhi hospitals.

New Delhi: The first death this year was confirmed due to dengue on Monday. Since a month, there are more dengue cases in hospitals than corona, now people have increased fear about it. Doctors say that there is a need to be aware of dengue, not to panic. The chance of death in normal dengue is less than one percent. Delay in treatment can worsen the condition. If the situation becomes serious or if there is dengue hemorrhagic fever, then it is a matter of concern.

Be alert, don’t take it lightly! Dengue is getting dangerous, the temperature will go so low only then will you get relief from dengue
According to doctors, most of the normal dengue fever occurs first. A person recovers with timely treatment, but if dengue occurs again in the next year, there are high chances that he will have dengue hemorrhagic fever. Dr. Jugal Kishore, Head of the Department of Community Medicine at Safdarjung Hospital, says that if someone has normal dengue, then the chances of death are less than one percent. If hemorrhagic fever occurs and treatment is not received on time, then the chances of death are very high. The biggest problem comes when people start doing self-medication. If the condition worsens, then go to the hospital. If you have a fever more than 100, then you must go to the doctor. Secondly, people pay attention to platelets that if it is low then the condition will get worse, whereas it is not. There is no problem due to low platelets, as long as there is no bleeding from somewhere.

Dengue death in Noida: 2 more dengue patients die in Noida including girl child, 66 percent children are affected, health department careless
Dr. Neeraj Nischal, Infectious Disease Specialist of the Department of Medicine at AIIMS, says that overall, the death rate from dengue is less than one percent, but if the situation is critical, it reaches three to four percent. Due to dengue, when people take home remedies or take treatment by looking on the internet, then platelets start falling from it. However, there is no fear of falling platelets until your gums, urine, stool etc. start bleeding. These are alarming signs.

Dengue is attacking children of 8-14 years in Delhi, dengue patients increase rapidly in 15 days, hospital full
Because of this, more dengue cases come
Dr. Neeraj Nischal says that the malaria mosquito bites at night. We are sleeping at night, so he takes the amount of blood he needs through his sting. Dengue Aedes mosquito bites during the day. We stay up during the day, so we immediately drive away the mosquito when bitten. In such a situation, he cannot get the amount of blood he wants. He bites people one after the other. A mosquito fulfills its quota by biting at least four to five people. This is the reason why dengue cases come more.

caution is necessary

  • Self-medication means avoid taking medicine on your own
  • Keep yourself hydrated as it requires a good amount of liquid
  • Keep your surroundings clean, don’t let water collect
  • wear full clothes during the day

pay attention to these things
Symptoms: High fever, Headache, Decrease in platelets, Gums, Urine, Bleeding in stool, Red rash
Treatment: There is no sure cure for this, treatment is done on the basis of symptoms only.
When is admission required: If the fever is 102 or more. Bleeding is happening. BP is also going up and down
Warning signs: Extreme weakness, frequent vomiting, dehydration, inability to eat anything

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