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10/22/2021 12:22:20 PM

Chandigarh/Jalandhar (Sharma, Dhawan): Deputy Chief Minister O.P. Soni has asked people to observe ‘Dry Day’ every consecutive Sunday in the state. He said that to check the growth of dengue, it is imperative that people clean all the water containers at least once a week and break the breeding cycle of the larva.
During a virtual meeting with all the civil surgeons and epidemiologists of the state, Soni informed that dengue tests were conducted in 12,80,645 households and mosquito breeding reports were reported in 21,683 households. Hence it is imperative that people be aware of water stagnation in their homes. To get people involved in celebrating dry-day, it is necessary to celebrate dry-day on Sunday instead of Friday.

larva breeding test
The Deputy Chief Minister said that we have intensified measures related to dengue control. Larvae breeding test has been expedited. 220 new fertility testers have been added to support the existing 480 fertility testers. The distribution of larvicides and insecticides has been intensified. Apart from this, the employees of Municipal Corporation, Committees and Rural Development Department are assisting the inspection teams and assisting in fogging and spraying. Dengue hotspots and potential high risk areas have been identified and efforts are on to control them.

Testing and treatment efforts have also been strengthened. The required supply of dengue diagnostic kits is being made available. Around 28,000 tests have been conducted resulting in detection of about 10 thousand dengue positive cases with medical intervention. He said that fully equipped dedicated dengue wards have been set up in the required hospitals. He made it clear to all the civil surgeons to actively work in Crisis Management Mode or else be ready for transfer.

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