Nails Signs: Check the mark on the nail! Identify it at the right time or else there will be delay

New Delhi: When your body is healthy, the nails of the fingers also look healthy and smooth. But, due to aging and physical problems, the color, texture and health of the fingernails start changing. These marks appearing on the nails indicate some serious physical problems, which should never be ignored. If you have marks on your nails too then it is a matter of concern. Let us know that the marks appearing on the nails indicate which diseases …

cancer risk

Usually skin cancer always occurs on the places exposed to sunlight – hands, feet or back. It can also appear on your palms, soles or nails. According to oncologists, it appears as lumps or pigmented bands under or around the nails. No person’s attention goes to these marks, but if you are seeing some similar marks on your nails, then you should get a skin melanoma test done immediately.

Need to be recognized at the right time

According to the official website of Cleveland Clinic, a hundred-year-old organization providing health care services, if melanoma is detected and treated at the right time, then it can be treated easily. This can happen to any person. Especially the elderly are most at risk from this.

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UV radiation is the cause of melanoma

According to Cancer Research UK, ultraviolet radiation has been found to be the cause of melanoma in most cases. Artificial light sources like sunbands, tanning setups etc. can be responsible for this. But in India, a good amount of UV radiation comes in contact with people’s skin. According to the Indian Journal of Dermatology, although rare in the Indian population, cases are rarely reported.

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Test yourself like this without test

Here are the signs and changes to look out for while checking nails for melanoma. If the nail has started to lift from your toes, the nail has broken into two parts, dark yellow skin near the nail and a lump under the nail. If you also see such changes, then contact the doctor without delay.

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