The reporter was live on Facebook, the thief ran away with the phone, was caught because of this mistake

Story Highlights

  • Reporters were live on Facebook after the earthquake
  • With the camera on, the thief’s face was also shown
  • Police arrested within few hours

A man has been arrested in Egypt for snatching a phone from a journalist’s hand. The man is accused that when the journalist was broadcasting live, he ran away after snatching the phone from his hand. However, the thief inadvertently showed his face to the audience, due to which he was arrested by the police.

According to the British news website The Guardian, an Egyptian reporter Mahmoud Ragheb was reporting live from the road after the Cairo earthquake. Then a man on a motorcycle came and took the phone out of his hands. However, the phone’s camera was on, so inadvertently the thief’s face also came on Facebook.

Mahmood was reporting live on Facebook when his phone was snatched from his hands. During this, more than 20 thousand people were watching him.

The Guardian quoted Egyptian news website Youm7 as saying that after the incident the Interior Ministry used “modern technology” to identify the suspected thief. According to the report, the man was arrested from his house within a few hours and taken to the police station, where he confessed to his crime during interrogation.

The video of this entire incident went viral on social media, in which the thief is seen smoking a cigarette. A video also went viral on social media, which has been viewed more than 60 lakh times so far.

According to local media reports, this incident is from Shubhr al-Khaimah, the fourth largest city in Egypt. Egypt’s Interior Ministry issued a statement saying the man was “unemployed” and had sold the stolen phone.


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