Weak gums indicate osteoporosis

Uttar Pradesh News Desk If you are troubled by the weakness of the gums, there is pain in the gums, if the teeth are moving, if the teeth are breaking, then definitely get the bones checked. The bones may be getting weak. Weakness of bones can cause pain in the gums. The gums may become weak. It also loosens the teeth attached to the gums. It can also be a symptom of osteoporosis.

This is to say of Dr. Amit Mishra, Orthopedist of BRD Medical College. He told that there is pain in the gums, the teeth are moving. If the teeth start falling prematurely, then the bones must be examined. Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens bones. Both men and women get this disease. However, the number of females is higher than that of males. In the beginning of osteoporosis, there is mild pain in the bones and muscles and this pain starts increasing gradually. In this, the pain starts intensifying when there is even a slight pressure in the lower back and neck.

Do not ignore the pain of the body: Orthopedic specialist Dr. Bharatendu Jain told that the pain in the body or joints should not be ignored. Joint and body pain is also a major symptom among the early signs of osteoporosis. This disease gradually starts weakening the bones of the body.
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